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Localização/Location : Athens-Greece
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PostSubject: Requesting..   17/9/2011, 22:19

1. Which country are you from?

2. How old are you?

3. What Languages do you speak?
Greek ofc and English.

4. Prefered class:
Depends on situation.
If i solo pvp i d say a Titan or Sagi.
On any other activity i prefer healers .

5. Class/lvls:
70spoiler and a 72 Se as botbuffer.Main will probably be the dworfie.

5. L2 Experience in Years/Months:
Cant really say.I was out for like 4 years.

6. Which l2 chronic did you played?
Last time i was on Interlude.I m still trying to fill the gaps with all these changes

7. How many hours a week can you play?
Will be answered later

8. Did you still participate in any clan? Why do you leave?

9. What time are you online?
Same as 7

10. Which servers did you play?(Inform rates)
Last server was (xIsogames)RaggingDarkness.x20 or 40 cant recall.I used to be [DE]RestInPeac3.

11. Which is your actual server?
None,i was out for years.

12. Do you agree in create a char needed by the clan?
I only need a DamageDealer for pvp.I dont mind to make anysub according to clans needs.

13. Why to apply in our clan?
Seems to be the only active here and besides that i remember Lua from isogames.

Well according to .7 and .9:
Greece is GMT+2
Daily mornings to evenings i work as a web designer
Evening to night i have uni(studying web programming)
Weekends evening to night i work again as a waiter.
This means i can play like 4-6 hours per day.The uni schedule starts on midle of octomber so till then i can be more active.

Few other things according to game:
I was used to admin our old forum and maintain the timecharts for almost everything.
Used to be 3rd clans Co and leading all epics except sieges.
I dont mind to play mostly support chars,i have no problem on following orders and organizing raid/xp parties.

This means that when i fill the gaps from interlude to high five i d like to get some responsibilities and organize varius things.

Thats all.

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S Grade S Grade

Localização/Location : Rio de Janeiro
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PostSubject: Re: Requesting..   18/9/2011, 11:05

for me it's ok.
i recomend you
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S Grade S Grade

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PostSubject: Re: Requesting..   18/9/2011, 11:27

for me it is ok...
welcome man :D
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A Grade A Grade

Localização/Location : GO
Inscrição/Registration : 2010-12-16
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PostSubject: Re: Requesting..   18/9/2011, 11:31

Fine, I agree
Welcome man
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LíderR99 LíderR99

Localização/Location : Talking Island
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PostSubject: Re: Requesting..   18/9/2011, 11:36

Ok..Welcome baby..I am just a bit worried with our time, but lets try..pm me in game for clan..
pls always read aour forum..all importants post I do in portuguese/english and spanish...
pls read our rules and this:




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PostSubject: Re: Requesting..   

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