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D Grade D Grade

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Inscrição/Registration : 2012-06-19
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PostSubject: Uronion   19/6/2012, 20:25

1. Which country are you from? Poland
2. How old are you? 17
3. What Languages do you speak? English
4. Prefered class: Summoners
5. Class/lvls: Warlock 53
5. L2 Experience in Years/Months: since C4
6. Which l2 chronic did you played? C4, Interlude, Hellbound, Gracia etc...
7. How many hours a week can you play? about 4 a day
8. Did you still participate in any clan? Why do you leave? ------------------
9. What time are you online? about 6 pm gmt+1
10. Which servers did you play?(Inform rates) i like low or mid rates servers
11. Which is your actual server? this :)
12. Do you agree in create a char needed by the clan? well i like playing a warlock, I also have a box pp 52. I dont want to play a char which i completly dont know :)
13. Why to apply in our clan? im looking for clan ;p and i see this is a only one activ here :)
14. Tell us Char's names that you are knowed -------------------
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EliteR87 EliteR87

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PostSubject: Re: Uronion   20/6/2012, 08:41

for me is ok

but remember, not everyone in the clan speak English
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LíderR99 LíderR99

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PostSubject: Re: Uronion   20/6/2012, 11:15

I am a bit worried cause he play in difer time of us..and language too...will be hard for him understand us...

Estou preocupada pq ele joga em horário diferente do nosso...e o idioma tb..vai ser difícil ele entender a gente...

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PostSubject: Re: Uronion   

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