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General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   12/6/2009, 22:47

Welcome to Our Clan

We are a clan that seeks mainly to friendship and companionship. Our goal in this game is fun, but organized and future vision to gain respect in the game, not by our power of fire, but by our attitudes and skills into play.
As our goal is that all are equal and follow the same path, we must have some guidelines to have order, respect, and everyone can be benefited.


1) All must register at the Forum (with the name of your char in game) and be constantly informed. The forum is the heart of the Clan.

ALTERATION 03/12/11---> While entering for the clan does the member owe postair in the one who are  you?
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

and post your contacts
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

ALTERATION 19/12/11---> The player has 5 days to do the register in forum and do what is said in rule 1 if not will be dismissed from clan.

2) All should respect each others, try to be friends and  be the most helpefull.

3) All members shall have the right to show his opinion but not to intrigue. Use the Complaint in the clan area in the forum for that.

You must use the  RAID CALL when is in a clan activity. The register has to be done with the name of your char in game.It is prohibited to provide the password of the Raid Call. Configure correctly the RC to avoid excessive outside noises. Do not allow gossip and fights in the chat and in RC. Solving particular problems by PMs. Problems with the guild, contact the Leader or a Subleader.

5) The game chat channels are to be used only for communication and direction of activities that will be made. Time to play it's time to play. Who does not know the quests, use the forum to be informed.It isnt allowed comerce in chats and TS (use wtt / WTB / WTS in the clan area or MPs).

6) The  clan members must answer the called of the leader and subleader. When them are on, they decide what is more important to the Clan, and personal interests have to be left aside and directed to the interests of the clan.

7) It is prohibited to change the title of other members. Who do this will lose the privilege of giving title.

8) It is mandatory to participate in Siege.
ALTERATION 03/12/11---> The member who not to participate at 2 sieges followed will be dissmissed from clan.

All members of level 61 + should  help in the maintenance of the clan hall .
ALTERATION 26/01/2015 ---> All members must collaborate with 200k adenas initial soon as possible and collaborate with the tax to buy a  CH as soon as stipulated and subsequent maintenance of it.

10) Any party members who have dual box, such vacancy shall be released with the arrival of a real member. (except for needed buffs).

-> The Boss Party  will be find Keepers, and the items should be taken only by the member chosen for this. All items are from the clan. (The rule can be changed if it is previously combined ).

->  The Spoil party: Could be Randon or Randon including spoill ,the according to the needs of the clan. All items are from the clan. (The rule can be changed if it is previously combined ).

-> The party standard: It must be  randon. If someone decides to open boxes, the item is right for anyone. If someone is planting seed,  must divide the fruits of all in the end. (A rule can be changed if it is previously combined ).

11) It is prohibited to place any item in the warehouse of the clan. Keep your materials to the day you need to craft an item. If you want help new ppls, deposite common iten that you wont need.

12) It is prohibited to ask for items or Adenas, especially in Towns. This only demonstrates your failure. All started at Lvl 1 too.

13) All itens collected (drops from Bossi, spoil, rift etc.) will be used for the benefit of the clan according to the decision of the leader. There is a list of members according to the merit or priority. Some items may also be hit.

14) Members may not have another  character in other clan. Have a char  with own clan is allowed (Crafters, spoil, Daggers, buffs).

15) Inactivity: If the member does not login for 2 weeks without notice by email or post in forun, he will be automatically dismissed.
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ALTERATION 19/12/11---> Now is 1 week but need notice by email or post.

16) Leadership: The last word in decisions is of the leader.

NOTE: If you think we have many rules, that signal you dont like the organization and therefore you dont have the profile of our clan. The rules are designed to avoid divisions and lead to prosperity of the clan.

Over time the rules will be amended (in this color)in accordance with our needs.

Good luck to all and much progress in our Clan!

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General Rules

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